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Kayda our Bearded Dragon Therapy Animal andEducation

What We Offer

We offer Animal Assisted Therapy / Intervention and Animal Assisted Education.


Animal Assisted Therapy / Interventions

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI)  is an exciting new field of development for supporting and enhancing a child or adult through difficult times in their lives, to aid personal growth. It has a wide range of applications / goals and benefits.

It is highly suited to children and adults with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, or for behavioural difficulties, Children and adults with special educational needs benefit from both the sensory interaction, and the personal growth in confidence from being with, and facilitating play with the animals.

We have a comprehensive on-boarding process to ensure that AAT/I is right for the individual and that we have a detailed understanding of any support needs, safeguarding needs. Please see our 'client journey' process here.

Sessions are usually one to one, or occasionally small groups (such as family groups), and this service is offered in Northampton, so that the interactions with animals take place in the animals natural environment.


We try to keep our fees for AAI/T particularly low, as we want this to be affordable if this is privately funded or paid for through a personal budget, via EHCP or EOTAS funding.

Animal Assisted Therapy / Interventions

Alternative Education

Animals in Mind offer Alternative Education Programmes for children aged 5 upwards. Our programmes are individually designed and can include working with our animals, and / or nature based /outdoor learning activities. Please see our prospectus here for more information.


We try to keep our costs as low as possible and are not for profit. Our only income is from our clients, whether these be privately funded, EOTAS, or local authority, and as this is mostly term time, we have limited income during non-term dates. All of our income goes towards our animals feed, vets bills and their welfare costs, and to pay for a very small team of staff. We double staff sessions, as this ensures we can provide a safe environment with a robust safeguarding approach for our clients. We will gladly provide a personalised quote based on your requirements.


Animal Assisted Education

Animal Assisted Education offers a range of Animal Workshops in a variety of settings in schools, colleges, museums, community events clubs, and charities.


Our visits to schools aim to increase children's connection with animals, their habitats, diet, and how we care for them as companion animals and aligns to the national curriculum, or other identified goals

We teach all about the animals, their country of origin, their classification, and important role in the eco-system. All delivered in age appropriate terminology linked to the intended curriculum.

People with SEN find Animal Education stimulating and highly engaging, Animal Workshops help to improve individuals self-esteem, dexterity as well as cognition, all in a fun and relaxed way. 


We try to keep our costs as low as possible and are not for profit, with all our income going towards the animals upkeep. We will gladly provide a personalised quote for you.

Animal Assisted Education
A rabbit with a care client, in Animal Therapy and Mental Health

Animal Assisted Encounters in Care Settings and for Mental Health

Animal assisted encounters in the care setting, offer opportunities for people in care to benefit from the human-animal bond.

Care settings can include clients in supported accommodation, older persons care, SEN residential schools for children and individuals with learning difficulties/ disabilities., or mental health support needs.


Sessions can be tailored to specific needs. For example dementia memory therapy, in older adult care settings that increase mobility and dexterity and the well known relaxation and stress reducing effects that petting and being close to animals provides.


Our fees for our care homes are discounted, as we recognise the care setting has little funding for activities for residents.  We will gladly  personalise any quote for your setting.

Animal Assisted Encounters in Care
Dog sat in the office

Pet Business Consultancy

Animals in Mind offers a range of Pet Animal Consultancy Services, from designing and delivering Animal related curriculum and courses, through to supporting the new pet businesses to gain their Animal License; Lynn can provide services to ensure Animals in your setting are cared for and happy.


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Lynn wrote and designed the Covid-19: Disease Control for Pet Professionals for the National Pet College

The design and production of the Dogs in the Workplace programme for the National Pet College

Working with Macyntyre school children in companion animal care as part of their empowerment and education enrichment strategy before the children has a school pet


Working with an Animal Encounter business to support their Animal License application 

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